Choices to Help the Bottom Line

By Geoff Geddes For farmers, the bottom line must be top of mind, so when you talk about the best soybean varieties and corn hybrids for 2020, they are all ears. Soybeans The opportunity to optimize profit and risk is to find the right balance between yield potential and maturity. To find this balance, NorthStar… Read more

Floury Leafy Corn Hybrids Offering Added Nutritional Value

By Ron Friesen New silage corn hybrids for dairy and beef cattle are coming to Western Canada this year, promising better digestibility and improved milk and beef production. NorthStar Genetics says it will offer a “family” of new corn hybrids, including two floury and three floury leafy varieties. These new products will give Western Canadian… Read more

In Search of the Perfect Seed

By Geoff Geddes All growers have that moment where they find the magic seed offering bountiful harvests and wealth; then the alarm rings and they wake up. While the concept of one soybean variety that’s perfect for everyone may be a dream, finding one that works best for you is well within reach. “Soybean growers… Read more

Interest Growing in New Crop Rotations

By Geoff Geddes Marketers have learned that overused phrases like “new and improved” make consumers tune out. Yet when talk turns to new and improved corn and soybean varieties, and the new rotations they support, Prairie growers could benefit from tuning in. “Historically, soybeans have not been a strong crop in Saskatchewan,” says Ron Lukash,… Read more

Precision Planting for Corn

By Andrea Hilderman Corn is a growing crop in Western Canada, making inroads and slowly expanding its footprint as earlier maturing hybrids become available. Corn does require some additional considerations over traditional small-seeded crops like cereals or canola. Planters, for example, are recommended for corn. Consistent striving for greater yield and quality has led many… Read more

Inoculants: Avoid Them at Your Peril

By Geoff Geddes Rain, rain go away. That’s not something you’d hear a soybean farmer say. Weather is a key factor in achieving big soybean yields, but it is not the only factor. Variety selection, proper rotation, fertility, field management and inoculation are all important. So why do some farmers feel inoculation is optional? Understanding what inoculants are, how… Read more