Why Local Strip Trials are So Important

The use of strip trials to demonstrate how a new practice or product performs in a local environment is becoming more and more widespread. Growers are very interested to see how new innovations perform in their local area before they make a big investment.   Strip trials are becoming a larger part of the marketing… Read more

After Three Years, Soybeans Earning a Place on This Saskatchewan Farm

Written by John Dietz Southeast Saskatchewan seed grower Brent McCarthy is back in school, learning to grow soybeans. Learning things is a big part of the farming agenda for Corning, Saskatchewan seed grower Brent McCarthy. For this year, he’s looking forward to his fourth crop of soybeans and a few more acres.  McCarthy had success… Read more

Soybean Seeding: Plant Late and Tempt Fate

By Geoff Geddes The early bird may get the worm, but how enticing is that? For the soybean farmer who plants early, however, the incentives are more appealing. So with the prime window for planting upon us, where do things stand with soybean seeding and what are the advantages of being the early bird? Conversely,… Read more

Why Soybean Seeding Date is a Critical Decision Each Yea

With the spring we had in 2015, it left a lot of farmers wondering whether they should take the chance on seeding soybeans. The variability of spring weather can create a challenging decision making process at the time of year when most farmers think they have their plan fully laid out and ready to go.… Read more