NS 283 NEW
  • Excellent Yields Under Medium to Medium High Populations
  • Excellent Test Weight
  • Very Good Early Seedling Vigour
  • Very Good Goss's Wilt Rating
  • Strong Roots and Stalks
NS 271
  • Strong Yield For Early Hybrid
  • Very Good Test Weight
  • Fast Drydown
  • Excellent Early Vigour
  • Strong Stalks
NS 273
  • Early Hybrid with Excellent Test Weight
  • Very Good Yields Under Medium to High Populations
  • Very Good Seedling Vigour
  • Makes for a Good Dual Purpose Hybrid in Early Silage Regions
  • Excellent Yield and Drydown
  • Responds Well to Intensive Management
  • Vigorous Spring Emergence
  • Very Good Goss's Wilt Rating
  • Very Good Disease Tolerance Rating
  • Medium-short Sized Hybrid with Excellent Stalks and Very Good Roots
  • Well Suite to High Yield Environments
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