Announcement: Lyle Marcus Promoted to CEO of NorthStar Genetics

Andy Beyer, Chairman of the Board of NorthStar Genetics today announced the upcoming retirement of long-time CEO Dan Hogstad, and the hiring of Lyle Marcus, currently Chief Operating Officer of the US business as his replacement.

“Dan started with us when we opened for business in 1996,” said Beyer. “Over the years as we grew, his intensity and passion for the business became evident, and those attributes contributed to our growth”.

Through the years, this business owned by many families has a three-pronged strategy for growth: US retail, Canadian retail, and contract conditioning.

“Dan began all those ventures, and each has become highly successful in their own right,” continued Beyer. “Each has had exceptional growth, and our shareholders are grateful for the success we’ve seen”.

Today, NorthStar Genetics does roughly $60M in combined sales in the US and Canada.

Lyle Marcus’ career with NorthStar began 5 years ago, hired as Production Manager for the US business. Since then, he has continually been given more and more duties. “Lyle’s capabilities became obvious, and when Dan announced his retirement, I’m pleased to say our Board voted unanimously to have Lyle become our next CEO,” said Chairman Beyer. “We’re confident Lyle can take us to that next level of sales and profitability”.

Hogstad has agreed to become a Senior Advisor to the CEO for the next year. “On a part-time basis, Dan has a lot to offer as we move forward,” said Marcus. “His experience will help us with his vast industry contacts as well as the long-time familiarity with our dealer force.”

Currently operating in the Upper Midwest and throughout Canada, NorthStar offers a full line of soybeans and corn seed.