The Results Are In for 2016!

Two thousand and sixteen turned out to be a good year for soybeans, after all! In early 2016, there was skepticism about the success soybeans would have last year, but with the results in, according to Statistics Canada, it’s looking like almost everything is on the up rise.

In Manitoba, seeded acres were up 15 percent since 2015 with 1,635,000 acres compared to 2015’s 1,385,000 acres. Average yield was up 10 percent with 41.3 bushels per acre in 2016 compared to 37 bushels per acre in 2015.

In Saskatchewan, seeded acres were not up; in fact, they dropped from 270,000 acres to 240,000 acres from 2015 to 2016. However, average yield was up, with a 23 percent increase from 24.9 bushels per acre to 32.3 bushels per acre, beating Manitoba’s average yield increase by 13 percent.

As earlier maturing varieties and new genetics are being approved for Western Canada, soybeans seem to be continually rising in popularity. Soybean seeded acres in Western Canada have been projected to potentially surpass those of canola planted in 2017. Check in next year this time to see if the projections are correct.